Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Tiara Is Off To You, My Friends

I want to say a very special thank you to all my wonderful lady friends just for being you! You have all helped me, stood by me and loved me. have always been just as sensitive as I am. We pay attention to how often we talk... we have such wonderful conversations and share so much. You have helped me feel so much better about Monica's role in the boys lives. While I have always accepted it, you eased it with your stepmother experience. You love my boys, and they love you very much. are so much fun, and so independent. I have learned much from you, girl! We share so much as women and enjoy many pastimes together. You are extremely loyal and accepting.

Brenda...I love that we spent time through our year at college, but I love more that we still keep in touch. We have shared many emotions together. From the beginning of our friendship we connected and had a great comfort level. We have spent periods without talking (just cause life sometimes gets in the way) but it always feels so good to hear your cheery and kind.

Adair...our friendship has spanned many years. We have always updated by phone if we couldn't get together. We can still laugh at the silly things we have done over the years. You are so thoughtful and kindhearted. You also give the most practical advice! think we have known one another since your birth, yet we didn't really know one another until adulthood! I am thankful everyday to have you in my life. You are not only my family, but a truly special friend. I am lost for words to describe...

Midge...the newest addition to my special friends list. We share a deep motherhood bond which allows us to share feelings about our children very freely. So strong, determined and persevering. You inspire me.

Eve...although you are very far away, I feel very close to you through your blog. It has always made me feel so good to read about your life and family. You are so generous, loving and supportive. I miss you, my sister. The Popsicle kids rule!!!

I have many other friends who deserve a tiara tip and I love you all.

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Eve said...

Thank you, sweetie- I love you too!