Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Baby Mama Drama

I was at Staples this morning picking up some supplies for work when I received a call on my cellphone. It was the boyfriend and my my, was he in a panic! He had just received a call from his son's school to inform him that Tyler had not arrived today. They tried his mom at work and couldn't reach her. Then at home, but didn't have the correct number. Logically they tried the boyfriend (since it is his son) next. He tried calling her also, but got no answer.

He called me because Ty's grandmother's number is programmed into my cellphone and he wanted to see if maybe he was with her. Now, please understand that I am completely cellphone stupid. I had to carry the manual in my purse for months just so I could remember the functions after I got my upgrade. I answer it when it rings and make the occasional call out but that's all I know how to do. I had to hang up and try to figure out how to find her number, then call back twice when I couldn't figure it out. Of course, by the second time I called he was getting a upset with me as well. Now remember, I was out getting things for work so while these calls are going on. I had my arms full of calculators and markers, which I kept dropping all over the floor. Good times.

So, I finally find the number and decide to just call her myself rather than calling his work yet again, which OF COURSE sends her into a panic state because Tyler is not with her either. She was asking me all these questions about what the school said, was M at work? Why wasn't she home? Get it together, woman! I am just asking if he is there...YES or NO? I told her that they were probably just out to the store or something, don't worry I will let you know what happens.

You do know I have a high level of anxiety on a good day right? Man, this situation didn't even involve either of my own children and I was desperately caught up in the 15 minutes of drama! AHHHHHHH! Anyhow, M's mom called me back to let me know she had reached them and yes, they were home and fine. Just what I figured. I told both the boyfriend and the grandmother to relax, and that there was probably nothing at all to worry about. So, as I am receiving her update, the other line goes (hey! look at that~there's call waiting on my cell) so I let her go and flip over to the other line. It's the boyfriend, who is also calling to tell me that he reached M. So this is where the real drama started...

She WAS NOT impressed that the school called him. She proceeded to tell him how she had given "those idiots at the school" her new number at least 3 f**king times! What the hell were they doing calling him?

Princess Rules of Conduct
1. If the mother/father neglects to call the school and inform them that the child will not be there, they have NO CAUSE to question who the school calls. The staff are only trying to protect our children for crying out loud. This has happened with my boys before as well. I actually had to have a conversation with the ex's girlfriend about a similar situation.
2. The parent who has commited the offence of not being responsible should never ever be upset with the parent who is frantically trying to locate their "missing" child. They should apologise, put their children first and suck it up.
Now, I don't normally get into this kind of topic here and I certainly don't want to offend anyone who might read this (M--if you do read this and you're pissed, sorry, but I stand by my statements on this topic).


Anonymous said...

I agree. The mother had no right to be upset that they called the dad. Ugh - sorry you were in the drama - don't you hate that?

Also, I am also cellphone illiterate. I have to wait every six months for my time on the phone to be correct. I can't figure out how to change it.

sid said...

She's ridiculous. I'd be glad that the school had notice my kid wasn't there and was actually trying to figure out where the hell my kid is. Think she was upset because it made her look like a bad parent.

the princess said...

suze~~yeah, my body doesn't like the drama but I think about whatever is going on you know? this post made me consider upgrading my phone which makes no sense, but now I want it. lol

sid~~exactly. I agree completely. we have to be grateful as parents when others show concern for their wellbeing.

Mommato2 said...

Hey there...I volunteer for the safe arrival at Matthew's school, and it is very frustrating when A) the parents forget to call to let you know their child won't be there and B) get bitchy when you are able to get them on the phone.

Then YOU got sucked into all of it ...geesh! Poor you.

Mom of 3 boys said...

Sorry for all your drama...the schools here DO NOT call if the child is absent, which actually concerns will I know if my high schooler decides to skip..I forgot to call my sons school one day that he was sick and they did realize it until lunch time....the reason I know this is because when I remembered to call it was around noon, and they said thanks for calling..but after I hung up a different person called me back and said that she did not know that he was not there..(this is my second grader I am talking about) that was scary!!! But again soory for your drama....