Friday, February 22, 2008

My Boyfriend Ran Over My Foot

I heard a funny today. Why was it so funny you may ask? Because it didn't happen to me.

I went over to my friend Jenni's tonight to see her beautiful new baby boy. Midge was there and I gave her a ride home. There was some slick snow on the road as we were leaving. She told me to be careful and says "My boyfriend ran over my foot today." I'm like, what? She says "I threw his hardhat across the seat and he thought I had closed the door and started moving forward. I yelled to him when the tire was on top of my foot." I'm listening and trying to be sincere because I didn't want her to be hurt, but exploding with laughter at the same time. I said "You must have been some mad" (cause that's what we say here in NS)

I will be seeing her tomorrow morning and will have to ask her how her foot is. I hope it's ok. Just wanted to share someone"s misery for your enjoyment.


Anonymous said...

HOnestly, I would've thrown the hard hat at him :)

the princess said...

oh don'w worry, he is definately paying for it now.

she probably would have too if it wasn't all the way across the seat!