Friday, February 01, 2008

Confessions of a Pouty Princess

Sometimes I wish I had the nerve to write some of my truest inner thoughts for you all to read. I was thinking last night how cool it would be to have a secret blog...then it occured to me that I should just write in a journal or a diary. I have things banging around in my head...too many sometimes. I float around doing all the things I am responsible for, all the things required of me, have a little fun in between, but I feel like there is some deep need to get things off my chest. I suppose I am feeling a little more courageous having found all of these new blogs, but perhaps I am afraid of: (1) hurting someone's feelings (2) pissing someone off (3) putting my relationship in jeapordy. Not so much the last, as I would be truly surprised if he looks here or would even comment to me about it if he did.

Confession: I think that he is slightly intimidated that I write here because he thinks I share too much information and also because he believes I am smarter than him...did I really say that? I have 7 years on him and have lived a far different life, that's all. It's not like I have any university degrees or anything. I am who I am. I just wanna be free to be me. I just wanna feel good about it at the same time. Sound fair? I think so.


Anonymous said...

I feel exactly like that at times.

LADY said...

Tricky. I wrestled with the same thing when I started blogging. My boy knows I blog but he has never read it. I freaked out after posting too much info once and worried that he would find the blog if he googled enough. So I had to go and remove some things. There was a point a few months ago when we were just dating and I told a story about something stupid I did with another guy. I thought it was just funny but some random person I barely know told me she had read the blog and couldn't believe I had "cheated" on my current boy (who's identity she had figured out because I had posted too much info.)

Anyway, you just have to be comfortable knowing that whatever you post could be read by anyone. I used to think no one really read my blog so I was really free with it. I'm a little more careful now. You could always start a closed/private blog that you have to approve people to read. I have a few friends who do that.