Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big Brother Scoop

I just finished watching the 5th episode of Big Brother 9. I have been waiting to form stronger feelings/opinions before posting much. As the contestants entered the house the viewers learned that there was a secret twist (well of course there is it's BB). There was one real couple (Jen and Ryan) who didn't end up together in the house, and one couple who had a relationship but were no longer together (Sharon and Jacob) who did. So here's my assessment:

couple #1--Sheila and Adam (opps, I think that's his name)

Sheila was pissed to be paired with him because she doesn't find him attractive. She is entitled to her feelings, but she was extremely vocal, so bad vibes from the start. He wasn't excited about being paired with the only cougar in the house either. He kept quiet. They seem to be working together now, only Sheila and her friend Allison made up a story...

couple #2--Ryan and Allison

Allison really likes Ryan and thinks there could be something outside the house, only he's with Jen in real life. He ends up having to tell her early into the game and she wasn't very happy. Ryan, Jen and her partner ended up telling the rest of the house before Allison could. She also made up a story with Sheila about the 2 of them being a real life lesbian couple with a child. I think that one is going to bite them both in the ass later on.

couple #3--Sharon and Jacob

They dated for like 12 years and broke up only to be paired on BB--yikes! They got voted out first, so we didn't really get to know them well. Sharon ends up...

couple #4--Josh and other hansome gay man

The other fella had a family emergency and had to leave the show. Josh was then able to choose to have either Sharon or Jacob come out of the sequester house and re-join the houseguests. He choose Sharon. I think they will work well together. They are good friends. Josh said something really awful to Amanda that may effect his game later.

couple #5--Amanda and Alex

Each of these people have lost their father. Interesting outside the house, even more intense inside with only a few people around like that. Alex is a very jealous guy...even though they haven't really hit it off romantically, he got pissed about her wearing skimpy clothes. Hello Alex, have you ever watched BB? How long have you known this woman that it's ok to express anger to her about that? Amanda is a gossip who then swears up and down she has said nothing wrong. Josh made a nasty low comment about something personal re: her father that I was shocked at as a viewer.

couple #6--Jen and Parker

Jen is really in love with Ryan. She ends up telling Parker so he won't put Ryan and his partner up for eviction. Parker is very attracted to Amanda. They hang out some also. They got voted out tonight (Jen and Parker), so there wont be any more talk about them, but I will say that I was outraged at Jen's ploys to stay in the house tonight. She actually told someone that Ryan was a racist. Yep, nice girlfriend, wha? I mean, they are going out for real! I cannot imagine saying that about my love interest. She denied saying it and she left the house with him saying he loved her, so I guess they worked it out but does she think he is never going to see the show? Hello! On air! Jen, you are not a very nice person and I think you are a big fat liar!

couple #7--Natalie and Matt

Now they are just cute together. They seem to work well as a team and I like them both and it would be fun to see them get romatically involved. We'll see what happens and if they can be a good support for one another. Things can change on a dime.

couple #8--Chelsia and James

Another team that works very well as a team. They know that the way to stay is to make the right decisions as a couple. They sometimes get mixed up in the drama, but so far not the real cause of any at all. That's how to win don't you know?

I will try to keep you more up to date on Big Brother as it happens. Man, this week is busy. I have a rally for the cancer society tomorrow night which I will post about when I have all the proper information.


PinkPiddyPaws said...

whew...complications galore! ;)

the princess said...

piddypaws~~the most I have ever seen on big brother

sid said...

Agh I don't like some of the characters on this show. I can't stand people who would do anything to win. Lying and telling everyone that someone is a racist is just low.

Tracy Michelle said...

I LOVE THIS SHOW!! I'm so ADDICTED now that I've started watching.... AND I've been watching the 'live feed' on the internet (it's been very juicy to watch ;o))
Oh, and its Chelsia and James. Honestly, I think thats my favorite couple right now.