Thursday, June 12, 2008

Busted! And Now It's Off To Blogger Prison

Shame on all you bloggers for making your posts so appealing that I simply cannot resist sneaking a peek at work!

I run 2 computers in my office space. One is a '98 that I use for our extremely comprehensive DOS based accounting system (that my boss doesn't want to let go of), and my XP where I run everything else. I just got the XP last month and am now networked with all the sales/management instead of only my accounts manager. So this morning everything froze up on both systems. I have this connector that allows me to flip from system to system, so I wasn't really alarmed. The mouse wouldn't work. How annoying is it to see 1 stupid box come up that says "no mouse is detected" and another stupid box that says "click here to solve problem"...what the hell? Anyhow, other people had to get involved and the external IT guy was brought in. As I was leaving to meet my ex and Sidney for primary orientation, my boss is saying so what causes this? Shit...shit...shit. And off I go to my meeting.

When I got back everything was working fine and I had a lot of work to do because I took tomorrow off to volunteer before Relay. I went online to get a postal code and saw that my history was out and my blogsite was gone from my list of sites on site bar. No one said anything about it to me so I don't think it caused any problem (although perhaps my signing into something can make a difference?) but now I know someone had a peekie-deek at what I'd been up to. Not all that exciting really, just looking at blogs and I did a post the other day. Ah well, Monday's another day. I will lay off. It's because I can't get enough.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that stinks huh? If you want I'll write a letter vouching for you :)

Tabbie. Like Cabbie, with a T. said...

I hear ya. It's good that you don't talk a lot of crap about said employer. Otherwise, big problems!

PinkPiddyPaws said...

tsk..tsk..tsk... I HATE obtrusive tech people. Especially if they don't have the balls to actually TELL you that they've done something to your computer.

Sorry you are having this issue darlin. Good luck and I'll try to be more boring so you aren't tempted. hee..hee..