Sunday, June 08, 2008

Candy 4 Cancer~~A Night Out

We were supposed to go camping last night. It just never happened. It was a work related event and I was feeling rather cranky with some of my co-workers the last couple of days and decided to do other things instead. My boys have gymnastics/boxing lessons on Saturdays and some of the ladies on my relay team were going out to collect random donations for Team Bean. They have done it years past and I must say, I really enjoyed my sober night out. I wouldn't have wanted to be all sloppy while walking around with candy and money anyhow. We were asking for donations and offering an assortment of candy for their kindness. The first things to go were the candy necklaces and bracelets. Remember those from childhood? (I took one when I noticed they were almost gone). I suppose it didn't hurt that we got all dressed up either. I wish we'd taken a picture before we had to walk in the rain. I also would have liked to show you my skirt and heels.

Here we are with our wares. We raised $310 while we were out!

While waiting for my friend in the washroom I somehow felt compelled to take a picture of the vending machine. Perfume and cologne. Last chance for romance at the caberet!

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Mommato2 said...

Hooray for raising some cash! Love the vending machine....what a blast from the past....when we were stumbling around the bars!!!