Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Day of Lasts

I received a call from my children yesterday afternoon at work that was so cute and funny. They were on speakerphone and they were both talking excitedly about their lasts.

Seth was telling me that he graded AND got the best report card he's ever had...1 B and the rest A's. Yay for my wonderful, smart boy!

Sidney had is very last day at daycare where he's been going since he was 6 months old! My baby is starting school in September, and will to be going to the same childcare facility as Seth now. The summer program is loads of fun and it will teach him to be responsible for his backpack and lunch in preparation for big school. He was also yelling into the speakerphone telling me how he graded and that I should be very proud of him as well. I told him I certainly was proud of him! Yay for my sweet baby boy!

Both boys will be in French Immersion and I am quite certain Seth will be able to help Sidney with any trouble he may have. I also think that no matter how much Seth teases is little brother, he will watch over him at big school and make sure no one is mean to him or anything. Big brothers rock!


Lady Jaye said...

Your boys are adorable! I wish that we had full language immersion courses when I was in school. I would love to be fluent in spanish and though I took 4 years in college I'm nowhere close!

Mommato2 said...

ahhh....I find this time of year I feel euphoric and sad. Excited to have school all done for the summer, but sad because it means they are a few steps closer to growing up!

Mariposa said...

They're so cute and adorable! Such a sweet post...I'm smiling so big reading this one!