Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Bittersweet Love Affair with The Slim White Demon

Sounds rather steamy, doesn't it? I am definately not talking about a man. No slim jims allowed here thank you very much.

I wrote a post in January where I shared with you the fact that I had been cigarette free since October 31, 2007. I held off a while before saying anything and was doing quite well until one fateful day when I made a royal blunder.

I went to my girl's surprise birthday party and actually hung out with the smokers (seeing as she is one) and did all right. Resisted temptation. And even though I know:

Smoking makes your teeth yellow,
Smoking makes your breath smellow!
I still got this waft of sweet smelly smoke and wanted one. The next evening I was home alone and found the full pack that the boyfriend hadn't taken with him. I sat down and smoked 3 within 1/2 hour. I know...disgusting! I happen to agree, but alas my friends, I am smoking again. I suspect that's part of the reason I have been feeling a little low. It made me feel great to stop and if I had kept up with the workouts it would have helped. I will try again soon. For the good of my health and my children I WILL LICK THIS!


Princess of the Universe said...

Good luck!
You beat it once- you can do it again...

Mom of 3 boys said...

I quit smoking 15 years can do it....hang in there.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

don't beat yourself up babe.. it just makes a downward spiral of self depreciation.

Simply say to yourself "I am human" and start over on the vow to quit!

One day at a time sweetie!

the princess said...

thanks all! i am human and not perfect. i know my body and am really working towards the goal...general better health. i will succeed. one day at a time is excellent advice. i am thankful for you all.

Mariposa said...


I used to smoke too...but I usually am able to resist...but there were times I just chose to yield to the temptation...luckily IT Guy does not smoke and my friends who do smoke are rarely here!

It can be really tricky...good luck!