Friday, September 26, 2008

Shedding the "blue jogging pants" and getting on with it

During my senior year in high school a close friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) was devastated by a breakup. I believe they were together an entire 3? 3 1/2 months...anyhow, she was so sad. She used to stay over sometimes and come to school with me in the mornings. She wore the same pair of dark blue jogging pants every day for a month. My sister and I used to wonder aloud why she wouldn't just change her pants already. She just didn't care. She just wanted her comfort. I caught myself slipping into my favorite black gym pants for the 6th day running and decided maybe it was time to change it up a little. Now, I was only putting them on when I got home after work. I did make an effort to choose a different outfit for the 5 day work week. I couldn't be bothered to do my hair though. Ponytails are easier in the summer with the in between curly/straight hair.
Monday the boys came back home. I spent last weekend home alone for the most part. Midge and I (the break-up buddies) hung out a little, but mostly I was here. I haven't been watching much tv. I just don't feel like focusing on it. I did, however, watch American History X on Saturday night and decided to straighten my hair at the same time. I left it that way and had it down for work on Monday morning. I got a great deal of compliments that day.
Funny! I just had another high school memory. The above mentioned nameless friend and I had a theory on high school dances and looking hot. If we just wore nothing special during the week of the upcoming dance, no make-up, nothing fancy but picked something Really great to wear the night of the dance, we were sure to look all the more appealing. What do you think? Did that kind of thought work for any of you in high school? Any little techniques to share?
So, this afternoon at work I had a good laugh. I'm not sure if I should have been laughing about it but it felt good so whatever...
My boss said that I have lost weight, to which I replied "well, I'm eating." and went back to working. He came in later and said he hoped he hadn't offended me. I said "oh no, I just don't really have anything to say about it I guess, but thanks."
I told Di and another girl out back about it as I was getting something in the warehouse for a customer and Di yelled out, "Princess, you sure did lose weight. You lost 150 pounds of boyfriend." I'm not sure why, but I laughed so hard I could have actually peed a little. I didn't say I did by the way, just that I could have.


misstressM said...

So yeah.....when i got dumped ( a very long time ago) i think i probably spent a whole three months living on the floor of my closet. i couldnt seem to pick myself up and move.

sid said...

LOL! Your friend Di is funny. Strangely enough I don't really do this moping thing. I go on with life as usual as if nothing has upset me.

the princess said...

misstressm~glad to see you girl. in your closet? that sucks. I am sort of glad that I am better equiped now though than back in the days of drama. oh there's still drama, we just figure our shit out. simple.

sid~she is funny. I am very lucky to have such wonderful friends. i am not outwardly moping, but I pace alot in the house. I think it's mostly because I am just not used to being alone and I have difficulty with change. Is your birthday in April by chance? I have a couple of close girlfriends who just go on as if nothing has happened as well. they contain their emotions well.