Friday, September 05, 2008

Sidney's First Day

First Day
Every one has a "First Day"
when they feel sad and all alone.
It can be so scary
when you're out on your own.
Take my hankie, dry your tears.
You'll find lots of things to do
and you'll probably make new friends.
I promise we'll be together
when the school day ends.
Here comes the teacher,
blow your nose and be brave.
Come on now wipe your eyes,
this is no way to behave.
"Well good morning teacher.
We really must beg your pardon.
No, Mommy doesn't always act this way
but it's my first day of school."
I met Seth and Sidney at the school on Wednesday morning. My goodness I can't believe they're getting so big and growing up so fast. My baby is in school now and he's going to be just fine. I have been a little pre-occupied this week and completely forgot to bring my camera. I was there though and I saw it. Seth waved us off like an old pro...grade 5 is so close to king of the school. We went into Sid's classroom to give some information and watched him find a seat and all. He got up to put his backpack on his hook and when he turned, someone had taken his seat. He didn't miss a beat and simply found another one. I warmed my heart to watch baby no more. I cried in the car.


Mariposa said...

Time flies so fast!

Did they cry at all? Nah?! ;)

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

great job mom! you can do it, I know you can!!

(I'm going to need you to give me an equally lame pep talk in two years, k?)

sid said...

I remember spending my entire first day looking through the window, waiting for my mom to pick me up. Hope Sidney made some friends.

Mommato2 said...

Oh I hear you loud and clear. Walking away from the school was so hard. Hope you are doing o.k.

Renaissance Woman said...

This was a big day for everybody! Good job were brave.