Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Divorce--Sidney's Perspective

Sidney was only 1 year old when I moved from our family home. Many would say "why didn't you keep the house?" Well, I am a realist and I could not afford to take it on alone. It is funny to have conversations with him. Small ones have such a unique perspective.

We were driving in the car one time, Sid and I, and he was talking about Grammie (John's mom). I was responding to what he was saying, and he says..."Mama, do you know Grammie?" I said "Of course I do, Bubba". Then he says "Well, I never seed you talking to her before."

After thinking on it, I realized that he has never seen us in the same room together. Not since his very early childhood. Huh! True story.

Another day we were talking about babies. Monica's is due this month, so Sidney was saying that you get married, then you get a baby in your belly. I told him, close enough. Then he asked if I had one in my belly. Noooooo. I said, "I was married before Sidney." he says "To who?" I said "Well, Daddy."..."MYYYY DADDY?" followed by a lot of giggles. Funny how he would find that so amusing, but how can he not when he has never ever seen us together before?

I also had a relationship in between splitting with John and becoming involved with Blake. His name is Doug. Sidney got pretty close with him. Closer than Seth did for sure. I decided after too long in that it was not going to work for me and my children long term. He is a nice enough person, but just didn't want what I wanted in a relationship. Everything changes when you have children. They are an extension of you and must be included in the equation to a high degree. I must say though, Sidney's concern for Doug is that he is not alone. A friend told me he was with someone so when I told Sidney that Doug had a new girlfriend, all was well in his world. He just doesn't want anyone to be all alone.

Lastly, we have moved to 4 different places since I moved out of the house. Their father has moved once. Sidney has proven to be a very adaptable child. Very accepting of change and quick to adjust to new surroundings, provided his personal comforts are at hand.

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