Monday, May 21, 2007

Engine Light

I drive a little shitbox Hyundi Accent--2000. It gets me where ever I need to go, but it forever has something wrong with it, as most older models do. The problem is that everything over and above general maintenance is out of my price range, so I wait. My engine light has been on steady for the 3 years that I have owned the car. I had a bunch of work done on it a couple of years ago and the mechanic told me I needed an expensive part in the engine (didn't say what part at the time) and that I could go without if for a while. Funny thing is, over the last couple of years I can tell there's something not right when the engine light goes off! Ass-backwards, but true. Anyhow, the old girl has been difficult to start lately. She needs to warm up for a bit before you drive her otherwise she boggs down and I stall. I was having a ball joint replaced and asked if they could source out the problem.

Mass Airflow Sensor--Who knew? I looked around and finally found a used one for $180. Not really in the price range I can afford, but had to be done. I got it on Thursday. Blake put it on yesterday, and what a difference! She's got her pep back--just like me! And guess what? The engine light is not on anymore. Now I just need struts, shocks, and tires. One day at a time, I have 2 1/2 months before inspection is up.

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