Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hand Made Treasures

For Mother's Day, I received several gifts made from the heart by Seth and Sidney. Every year at daycare, they have a Mother's/Father's Day social on the Friday before the holiday. The children prepare their gifts, which are displayed in the room for us to collect on our special morning. Sidney made me a lovely "Sidney's Book of Kisses". There is lipstick involved, but how else are they going to make kisses on white paper...come on people! Too Cute, I think. Also a card, some drawings, and a special picture of his hand cut-out glued to a page holding flowers...does that make sense? It is sitting on the wall right here beside me at the moment. Maybe I will take a picture of it. He has 2 fingers glued down as if holding the flowers. What I love is that when he showed it to me, he says, "See Mama? It's like Spiderman!" Can you picture it now? Thought so...if not, I will add a picture from home.

Seth gave me a really nice card and also made me a construction paper version of me as a "Simpson's" cartoon caracter. He even cuts slits in the hair to give it texture...little artist that he is. He also gave me a sheet of paper with some nice went like this (remember, Seth is in French Emmersion)...

Ma Maman Est Speciale (My Mother is Special)
Ma maman est speciale parce qu'elle est toujours la pour moi! (my mother is special because she is always there for me...awww!)
J'aime quand ma maman a apoter pour voir mon cousin. (I love when my mother takes me to visit my cousin.)
Ma maman a un beau sourire! Je la fais sourire quand je fait une blag! (My mother has a beautiful smile. I make her smile when I tell a joke.)
Ma maman est aussi belle qu'une rose. (My mother is also pretty like a rose.)
Ma maman est tres intelligente! Elle peut etre une tuter. (My mother is very smart. She could be a tutor.)
Isn't that the sweetest? I love to save all of those little gifts every year. The pile is ever growing. Blake also helped them make breakfast in bed for me. Definately a morning to remember. Thanks to all my boys for the special day!

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