Wednesday, March 05, 2008

He's My Everyday Hero

I loves my boyfriend. He is my best friend and every time he does something for me that makes me happy I tell him he is my everyday hero. It has sort of become our little inside joke. He accepts my silly ways and I accept his. From the beginning of our relationship I was always impressed with his kindness and attention to my children. It is one thing to be nice to someones child/children, but another entirely to love them. He loves them.

Almost 1 year ago, I encouraged him and stood by him as he sought out his son. His ex had left the province and he had not seen or had ANY contact with her or Tyler for 7 years. I have mentioned it before but it is such an incredible series of events that it bears repeating. He actually found her profile on facebook and sent her an e-mail. That was last April. They moved to our area last summer and father and son were reunited at the beginning of August 2007. Since that time, we have had him most weekends. He and Seth became fast friends, and Sidney just adores him as well. I am now a stepmother.

The interesting thing is this: Blake and I had just moved in together late that spring but to Tyler we appear to be such a stable family as if we had been together forever or something you know? Not that we aren't happy, but just imagine what a wonderful yet extremely complicated situation it is. It provides us with more motivation to work on our relationship and establish our life together. Since he and the ex hadn't been in touch all those years, there was a huge build-up of frustration and some anger on both sides. I am so glad that I was there to help and guide and play a little mediation as well. He has told me how much easier I made it for him to be able to talk to with her. I just offer support and a listening ear when he needs it. I am so anal about routine and structure for children and Blake has adopted my attitude with this as well. We do everything we can to provide his son with a loving and stable environment as I know that his life has been somewhat complex. Though it has forever changed our lives, I couldn't be happier that this has happened. I have often said that even if things don't work out between us I will always feel good about being instrumental in bringing the 2 of them back together. How can I allow him to love my children and not love his? I can't. I love him and we develop our relationship more each time he comes home.

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