Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hoo Hoo

Did somebody say Hooters?
So, it's judgement day. I decided to join in on the second annual boobie wars taking place this week. Today is the last day to put in your votes. It's now of never so vote for the princess here and again here and I'll be your lifelong friend.
There are certainly some pretty titties over there. Oh I slay myself...
By the way, my city is getting a Hooters restaurant. It's opening next week, so after the boys go to their dad's (the week after) I think my guy and I will go check it out. I think it'll be really fun to see what all the hype's about...I am sure we'll see lots of cleavage as well.
In other news...I am home AGAIN (but with all the boys) today. School was cancelled due to bad weather. Oddly, I still managed to take the boyfriend to work, drop Sidney off at daycare and took Seth to the office to work on something I really needed to finish today. Then I picked up Tyler, then back to Sid. We're home safe and sound. It's unfortunate that they are so quick to cancel sometimes, though I appreciate they are trying to keep our children safe. Inconvenient today to say the least. Work it piling up at my desk because I have been focusing on the year end only for several days. Crazy! Tons of fun waiting for me on Monday morning. It'll make the day fly though.


sid said...

Agh I was thinking of entering. My boobies look really great today. Hmmm maybe I'll just post some pictures of them on MY blog anyway?

misstressm said...

Thanks for playing. It was fun. We need to do it again.