Saturday, March 08, 2008

Nattie the Bikini Barista, Adventures in Waxing, Bizarre Stop Signs and the Rest of My Week

First of all what exactly is a bikini barista? That's what Natalie on Big Brother has as her job title. Wednesday night is was cleared up for viewers like me who just have to know...she is a bartender/waitress who works in a bikini. Well now, that explains the large boobies on a tiny person. Not that I have a problem with fake boobies, please understand. Oh Nattie is so in love with her partner Matty. It's such a shame that he doesn't like her back. :(

I am enjoying my Big Brother this season. It is filled with drama and entertainment. They have just been informed that they are playing as individuals. I was wondering how they were going to stretch it out with only 4 couples. Nice one! Anyhow, now it is up to the American viewers to vote an evicted house guest back into the Big Brother house. Who's it gonna be folks? I hope we find out on Sunday. I hope it isn't Jen. Hard to say with public voting. What I am most curious about is the new dynamic that will occur now that they don't have to be loyal to a partner. Tricky BB was just showing us how people can become loyal to one another when romance comes into play. Interesting. I am wondering if James and Chelsia will still play together.

Onto other topics...

I bought a home waxing kit. I do miss the waxing and have been wanting to try it at home. I bought some many years ago and tried it once or twice then went to a professional. Now I have actually watched it enough that it isn't really intimidating. I bought a brand called Parissa. I got some microwavable wax with papers and sticks and some wax strips that you warm between your hands with friction and place on the skin. I did my eyebrows with them and they turned out very well, although the strips are rectangular and it may have been easier with the wax and stick where the brows are curved. It's all about results though. The boyfriend was a wonderful sport and allowed me to wax his chest. Hot!

changing the subject again...

It has been a very busy couple of weeks at work. We had our year end inventory last Friday. It is a slow time of year in our industry, but a hectic time for admin staff. The homeshow is this weekend. I had a shift on Friday during work hours, and another on Saturday. It was busy and the day went pretty quickly. Just in front of our booth there were 2 people standing on either side of the isle holding really big STOP signs. The carpet had yellow stripes like a road, so I guess there was some sort of theme (?) only they didn't seem to be giving out any information or doing anything except standing there talking to one another. They had homeshow staff shirts...odd. I meant to bring my camera and snap a picture just for the post, but alas...I forgot it at home.

It is so quiet here this weekend. There are no children here right now. My boys are staying an extra week with their dad for the March Break and then I will get them for 2 weeks after that...yay! Master Tyler is turning 10 next weekend so I am quite sure we'll be seeing him. His b-day party is scheduled for the following weekend~which is also Easter. It will take some planning and coordination but I am up for the challenge. Piece of cake. Definately.


sid said...

I go to a professional for waxing. I've tried the strips but it hasn't worked that well.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

I did do the waxing thing with my Eastern Block woman.. but she said I had to wait 4 weeks... FOUR WEEKS to come back for my next waxing. Umm... hello?? This is working area and I can't let it get all creepy and hairy over a four week period... that would be icky! ewwww..... ;)

Oh... and bikini barrista... Suh-Weet!! great way to market COFFEE....wheee.. Java!!